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Eclectic Soul is the debut solo recording from Reece Hillis ,

 A collection of ten original compositions , written, performed , arranged, and produced by Reece, and inspired by some of the greatest Soul, Folk, Blues and R&B artists of the last century

Eclectic Soul is very much a homage to the genius of the musicians who were the pioneers of those genres in music but it is in no way an exercise in nostalgia

The album is the creation of a very talented young man who has been greatly influenced by the musical legends of the past but who also has his sites set firmly on the future
Reece is  a young man on a mission, to introduce as many of his 21st Century contemporaries as possible to the modernistic approach he has to performing and song writing, while still embracing the elements of the 20th Century genres that first ignited his passion for music and eventually inspired him to become a musician.
Thankfully his efforts are paying off and increasing numbers of young people are regularly turning up at his gigs, young people who are connecting with the music Reece plays , who see it as fresh new original music , and who have no idea who his musical influences are, but they are injecting youth and passion into a music scene that can only survive if it becomes relevant to future generations
So please support the Reece’s of this world in any way you can as they are the ones who will keep this music scene evolving , and its wonderful legacy alive
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